Jerusalem Library

A digital online database of historic Jerusalem

The Virtual Library is the first academic database of historic documents about Jerusalem. Its uniqueness is not only due to the fact that it refers to the city of Jerusalem, but also because it is a joint project of the Arab and the Hebrew Universities of Jerusalem.

This special academic website aims to be accessible to people of all nations and religions through the Internet. The major innovation of this on-line library is its straight-forwarded presentation of historical facts without the familiar burden of religious, national or ethnic narratives.

The Jerusalem Virtual Library presents scanned primary sources, of all types, including historical texts, images, maps, inscriptions, illustrations, archival documents, documentary films and audio files, related to historical Jerusalem. The library is set to contain over 10,000 scanned and indexed pages of historical documents, maps, aerial photographs, and documentary movies, including many rare collections accessible for the first time to the public.

Unique index feature
The sites’ unique academic contribution is in the indexing of the primary sources. The indexing is carried out by an academic group which consists of Palestinian and Israeli professionals. The basic idea is to enable the user to retrieve indexed extracts of various fields. These features will enable the Library users to directly access historical data, thus eliminating the external narrator or historian as the interpreter of history.

Jerusalem for all
Through the Library, Jerusalem will be made accessible not only to its own residents and the countries that shoulder responsibility for its future, but to the entire world.