Al-Quds Arabic classes offer a diverse program to suit the needs of most of you. Our program consists of Spoken Arabic and Modern Standard or fussha, for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels. In addition, for those of you who have learnt Arabic previously, and need to practice the language with a small group, our conversation classes fits this purpose.

Certification and accreditation (in modern standard Arabic) is an important element which we as part of a registered academic insitution, Al-Quds University offer.

Our Group Classes are usually conducted in the mornings & evenings, students meet together with the teacher, twice a week in the morning at the centre for jerudalem Studies ion Souq Al-Qataneen, in the Old city & in the evening at Hind Husseini College, a small campus of Al Quds University, located in Ibn Jubayr street, between Sheikh Jarrah and Wadil Joz.

Our Arabic language programme is quite popular, also because you have the possibility to continue learning Arabic along the more advanced levels available along the year.

Spoken Arabic introduces the Arabic language in the colloquial form, aiming to enable you to hold a basic conversation in the Palestinian dialect Arabic; For spoken Arabic, the book which is commonly used by teachers is "Yalla Nihki Arabi"written by Omar Othman This methodology covers levels from beginners to advanced from level I to level V, to enable students to continue with consistence.

Level I is for beginners with no prior knowledge in the language.This level covers greetings, masculin nouns, feminin nouns, propositions, adjectives, numbers from 0-12 participles, adjectives, vocabulary review, direct object, days of the week.

Level II from the book Yalla Nihki Arabi covers from unit 8 until unit 12. it covers, verb fakkar, to think, the indirect object, the family, five verb conjugation, negation of verbs, directions, seasons, numbers, around the clock, the Old City Gates.

Level III from unit 13 until unit 17, covers verb bihki, haka, to speak, to learn, to buy, to bring, to ask, to write, nationalities, professions, food, fruits, Palestinian dishes, colours…

Level IV from unit 18 until unit 22 covers verbs to travel, saafar, to love, habb, bihubb, to do, to break, at the doctor, human body…

Level V from unit 23 until unit 25 covers clothes, furniture, verbs: to receive, coming back home, and stories, hikayat.  

Modern Standard fussha or classical Arabic, for those who need to invest in the Arabic language, with more focus on reading & writing. You will learn the Alphabets and the Arabic script.

Beginners- an introduction to classical Arabic, learn how to read and write by using the book of Mastering Arabic. students learn the formal Arabic, written and spoken in the contemporary Arab world and understand radio newscast, read newspapers, participate in a lecture or any formal situation.

Conversation classes are organised for students who wish to improve and practice their language in spoken Arabic with the Palestinian dialect, in addition to conversation classes for students who have studied classical. Conversation classes aim to invite students with knowledge in the language to practice the language, in a group setting and with the help a professional teacher to converse, talk about newspapers articles, listen to Arabic music in addition to visits to the market.

Private classes are organised for individuals and small groups upon request.

Classes for Intitutions our programme extends to offering our services to institutions.